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Anal sac adenocarcinoma is an uncommon condition affecting older dogs that can cause tumors to grow on the anal sacs. The cost of anal sacculectomy will vary based on costs of living and additional costs incurred, including medications. The cost of anal sacculectomy typically ranges from 750 to 2,500. If part of the anal sac has remained following surgery, abscess or chronic draining may result.   surgical complications from a poorly done anal sac removal include fecal incontinence. Most likely you will be looking at a cost from 700- 1200 depending upon where you live. An expensive proposition, but in the long run when you add up the cost of repeated visits for anal sac infections, antibiotics, pain meds, etc. Anal sac disease in dogs what are the anal sacs? Commonly called anal glands, the anal sacs are two small pouches located on either side of the anus at approximately the four oclock and eight oclock positions. Numerous specialized sebaceous (sweat) glands that produce a foul smelling secretion line the walls of the sacs. Each sac is connected to the outside by a small duct that opens just.   anal sac disease can lead to abnormal distension of the sac(s), infection, pain, discomfort and eventually rupture. The anal sacs are two small pouches located on either side of the anus at approximately the four oclock and eight oclock positions. The walls of the sac produce a foul smelling fluid which is released whenever the cat passes a bowel movement. The anal sacs or their ducts can become inflamed or infected due to a variety of causes. When is it appropriate to consider anal gland surgery in dogs? My 7-year-old chocolate lab has been dealing with chronic anal gland infections since feb.   the surgery can be performed with a laser or with a scalpel blade and scissors. Whereas an inflamed anal sac can be removed with an open or modified open technique, anal sac cancer can only be excised via the closed technique, which provides a less contaminated surgical site. I learnt to empty them myself and did it every 4 weeks without fail. That schedule suited him but do it every 3 weeks if that is necessary.

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